Hello, Orion.

Baby Orion was six weeks old when I went to photograph him at home. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with his family before he was born, and I was very excited to get to meet him. He was wide awake when I arrived, and like most little boys, hungry! After mom got him nice and full, we were able to get some shots of him. His sister Luna was napping at the start but was soon awake and very curious about what we were doing. She liked my camera but was very active! She did sneak into a few photos before we were done!  Orion is such a handsome boy and really did well for his pictures!

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Kari Sprinkle


Tiffany and Austin’s Wedding at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Tiffany and Austin’s wedding weekend was the same weekend that the infamous Hurricane Irma was supposed to make landfall on the Eastern Coast. Thankfully, the rain held off, and we were left with a slight breeze and enjoyably cool weather. They were married at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, which burned to the ground several years ago and was recently reconstructed. They had a small ceremony with close friends and family present. We had a gorgeous tree to shoot under in front of the church and a fun staircase in the lobby! After the reception, they made their way to Gatlinburg to enjoy a mountain honeymoon. All the best, Tiffany and Austin!

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Kari Sprinkle

School’s Almost in

It is almost that time again. Summer is winding to a close, and the new school year is about to begin. This is such an exciting time, especially for little ones who will be beginning kindergarten. I was able to shoot a session with this cutie at a perfect wooded location. The feel we were hoping to achieve was vintage, and I think we nailed it!


The Spangler Family

One of the highlights of my trip to Virginia was getting to photograph the Spangler family. They have been great friends of mine and Matt’s for several years, so it is always great to have a reason to get together. We had such a fun evening getting these shots, not to mention, the lighting was beautiful!


Trinitee and Makenna

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of visiting Roanoke, Virginia. Roanoke is the first place my husband and I lived after getting married. We made so many awesome friendships during our four years there. One of the perks of getting to go back is sessions with some awesome people in some of my favorite places! These sisters were no exception! I have known these girls since they were pretty little, Makenna before she was even born! It was a delight to visit and have fun taking their photos!


Chase and Audrey | Class of 2016

My Saturday morning was made bright and early when I had the privilege of photographing Chase and Audrey. These guys both graduate this spring and will be attending James Madison University. Because they live in Salem, Virginia, this gave my family and I a great reason to load up and make a weekend trip up to our now home-away-from-home. Green Hill Park was the perfect place to shoot, and the weather could not have been any more beautiful. Despite thinking that we might run into Kite Festival traffic, we managed to sneak our shots before the park became too crowded. These two are absolutely adorable to say the least!


Mommy and Me sessions

Mother’s Day is almost here, and that means Mommy and Me sessions. These sessions are designed to be a fun and lighthearted way to capture a few of those sweet moments you and your little one share that you are usually grabbing quickly on your phone. The idea behind these sessions, for me as a mom, is genuinely sweet. My intentions are to catch those little grins, sweet glances at mommy, and little features that are so characteristic of toddlers and young children. These moments are most certainly fleeting and to be able to tangibly capture them for a mommy is so important.

I encourage you to consider one of these sessions, even if it is apart from Mother’s Day. These 4o minute sessions can be a very special way to spend an afternoon. Make it a date! Include your little one’s favorite toy, blanket, book, etc. for the shots. Remember these are candid, which means lots of giggling should be expected. Afterwards, have a picnic or go to your favorite restaurant (Chic-fil-a is always a great choice!) Basically, make it an afternoon to remember!

Have a happy day!

Kari Sprinkle

Back in the swing

It has been a little while since I sat down to write on the blog. A lot has changed since my last post. My husband and I moved because of his job, and our sweet baby girl was born. My big boy is now two and very independent. All of this has been an adjustment in the most positive way. But as any kind of life change, it takes a bit to get back in a rhythm. However, I am back in the flow of things and will be writing more frequently, which I am excited about!

My intentions will be to post recent sessions, as well as helpful session tips and ideas. I have several sessions waiting to be posted, and I am excited to share!

Also, my website has been updated (www.karisprinklephotography.com). You can follow me on Facebook (Kari Sprinkle Photography), and check out my Instagram (@karisprinkle). Share with your friends and enjoy!

Have a happy day.
Kari Sprinkle


The Ratliff Family

Taking pictures at the foot of McAfees Knob was great! These guys allowed me to ride along with them as we went to the top of a mountain where an old Christmas tree farm was. The shots we got were great and really captured this sweet family’s personality!

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The Pineda Family

I had the privilege of photographing the Pineda family! They are so wonderfully sweet and were a joy to work with. The kids were great and really had a good time trying out fun things all for the sake of getting the picture!

_DSC0619 _DSC0598 _DSC0593 _DSC0576 _DSC0474 _DSC0377 _DSC0507